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For the love of Beer.

Everything you see on this blog was written by me, Chris Creech, unless otherwise noted. I, along with my amazing wife, Katy, own and operate The Glass Jug, a retail craft beer store, counter-pressure growler filling station, and bar in Durham, NC.

This blog is meant to be independent of The Glass Jug, though that experience will certainly find it's way into the writing.

I am a Certified Cicerone, Certified BJCP Beer Judge, and award-winning homebrewer, but most importantly, I am a curious observer and participant in the craft beer industry.

This blog is a place to share thoughts and observations of the industry and where it is going. There may be some rants, there may be some praises. The focus may be national, or may be specific to North Carolina. It is purposefully not restricted, so that it can grow organically over time.

I'm always open to feedback and want to hear what you have to say, so please feel free to leave comments on any posts, especially if you disagree or have a different opinion/perspective.