Economic Impact of Craft Beer 'Pop the Cap' Legislation in North Carolina

I'm a little behind schedule, but not to fear, I have a short piece to share with you today. No long rants or anything too deep this time around. I simply wanted to point out to everyone on this list that last week (I told you I was a little late) was the 10-year anniversary of the "Pop the Cap" initiative in North Carolina!

Pop the Cap was the grass-roots campaign that led to the passing of legislation to raise the limit on the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) allowed in beer sold in NC. Up until 2005, no beer could be sold that was above 6% ABV. With the passing of this law, the cap was raised to 15%.

At the time, those pushing for this change were doing so on the promise that it would create an estimated 300 jobs at the new breweries that would open up, brewing styles that previously couldn't be made in NC (barleywines, imperial stouts, etc.). However, by more recent projections, we have seen the addition of close to 10,000 jobs at breweries, distributors, and retail stores across the state of North Carolina, since the bill's passage.

In case you missed some of the coverage of this historic event, I wanted to share a couple of great pieces for you to watch this week while you sip on your favorite high-gravity brew:
The Economic Impact of Beer Brewing in NC (WRAL, On The Record)
NC Craft Beer Industry Tops in the South (Raleigh News & Observer)

And, just as a quick follow-up to my last post, in which I predicted Gose would be the beer of 2016, I wanted to send along a story from the Brewer's Association, in which their chief economist ensures us that there will be no other beer style as impactful as the IPA has been. But, he says, if he had to pick one that might make a run, Gose is on his list. Just check out the image below that shows the Google search volume for Gose vs Sour Beer.

I'll likely be away from my computer again this week, but hope to have another post for you next week. Cheers!